Tuxedo is a popular suit worn on formal occasions like celebration dinners Alex Burmistrov Canucks Jersey , ball or dance party, special social gatherings, weddings, engagement, luncheon meetings etc. They are available in several designs, patterns and styles. When the occasion calls for it, rest assured that there can be no classy or more sophisticated formal attire for a man than a tuxedo.

Tuxedos can be personalized in a wide variety of ways to suit different body structures. Tuxedo suits are sought-after principally because they make the wearer look strikingly majestic and masculine and make women turn their heads.

Difference between a Normal Suit and Tuxedo:
The principal difference between a normal suit and tuxedo is with regard to the collar shape, the number of buttons, and the tuxedo?s tail shape. Another big advantage is that tuxedo is quite versatile and can be worn for a day event or a night function. Like all other suits, tuxedo suit must be selected according to one?s physical frame as any ill-fitting suit can make a wearer look slovenly.

Tuxedo Style Choices:
As regards tuxedo style choices, you have double-breasted, single-breasted, shawl collar, notched collar and three button. Like regular suits, double-breasted tuxedos are meant for slim men while single-breasted tuxedos should be the preferred choice of stout men. The shawl collar tuxedo is meant for men who are heavily-built.

It is suggested that while wearing tuxedos, you should stay traditional and appear simple and avoid colorful cummerbunds. Cummerbunds should match the fabric on the man's jacket with the pleats facing up.

Tuxedo Colors:
Most commonly worn tuxedos are in black color or dark gray or a white dinner jacket with black trousers. The tuxedo should have a satin lapel and a matching satin stripe alongside the outside of trousers. If you want to look particularly different, then tail jacket with a black tie would do the magic. A great tuxedo can make anyone look great--provided it is the right tuxedo for his body shape.

Tuxedo Jacket:
When it comes to the style of your jackets, your shoulders should fit in precisely and not unduly extend down your arms. While wearing the tuxedo, you should leave the bottom button of your jacket open. This will lend additional grace to your overall silhouette and will also make it easier for you to sit down or bend.

Tuxedo Shirt and Pants:
As a rule, the shirt that is worn with a tuxedo should have a wing-tip collar, French cuffs and button studs and a placket to conceal the buttons and the color of the shirt should be plain white. Pleated or ruffed fronts can make you look really flamboyant and you will surely become the cynosure of all eyes.

Please remember that the pants of your tuxedo should break right at the shoe and this fit has to be perfect. With tuxedos you will have to maintain a traditional waistline. The rule is to measure roughly two to three finger widths below your navel and place the waist line of your pants there.

As regards covering the waist you have two options - either a cummerbund or a vest. If you choose to wear a cummerbund, make sure that the pleats are facing up. If you intend removing your jacket, then it is preferable that you wear a full backed vest.
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