We must preserve the metaphor of the mirror intact. Additionally http://www.camisetauruguaymundial.com/c … silva.html , the following requirements need to be satisfied for further value addition.
1. Implicit and natural user identification
2. Minimum feelings of privacy violation
3. Types of information and displaying methods suitable for background processing
Information should appear and disappear automatically to keep its natural usage of a mirror and avoid turning it into mere display device. So, the user should be identified implicitly as well as naturally. This higher level of contextual information should be extracted without using privacy sensitive sensing technologies. A user usually prefers precise information, but heshe denies using a service if the service uses the vision-based sensing technology because a camera used in the technology causes a feeling to violate privacy. Mostly the location where a mirror is installed is privacy sensitive by considering actions in the location like changing clothes or making up, etc. Therefore, the privacy requirement should be taken into account. We should also consider the characteristics of tasks conducted in front of a mirror to specify required information and displaying methods. AwareMirror is a mirror first of all, which means that a user primarily does hisher main task, e.g. washing face, and heshe might feel obstructive if irrelevant information appears during the main task. Also, it should not interrupt the task due to understanding information or hiding hisher own figure by super-imposed information.
These requirements are specific to a mirror and installation place. We believe that the development of artifacts should analyze the requirements that depend on each daily object and its location.
Design Issues
We describe the design issues and approaches of Aware Mirror from the several points of view, 1) user detection, 2) display method, 3) contents to show, and 4) modalities of displaying.
Detecting a User:
There are several ways to identify a person as follows:
1) Face recognition by capturing video images,
2) Holding a tag that represents himher,
3) Using biometric information like fingerprint, and 4) acquiring context from everyday artifacts. Biometric-based identification is not appropriate in this case because a user has to put hisher finger explicitly, which might break the first requirement: implicit and natural identification. The tag-based approach should be rejected due to the same reason. Also, video capturing might provide a feeling of privacy violation.
So, we have utilized the state-of-use of everyday artefacts that are rarely shared with others. Using an everyday artefacts natural functionalities and understanding of peoples usage of the artefacts allow an application developer to concentrate on the use of artefacts themselves, rather than the operational environment.
Context information can be retrieved from a users daily activities in a natural way. Such everyday artefacts include a safety razor (an electric shaver), a toothbrush, a comb, etc. We have decided to use a toothbrush for detecting a user because it is gender neutral and utilized by almost everyone.
Three types of information are integrated to detect a users presence in frontof the mirror:
1) the existence of a person in front of a mirror using an infrared range finder,
2) the existence of a toothbrush around the mirror, and
3) theinformation about the owner of the toothbrush.
Previously we will discuss the survey of users about alternatives like tag-based, image-based, biometric-based, and artefact-based identifications.
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Method of Displaying:
We have two options regarding to the method of displaying information on a mirror. One is reflecting on the opposite side of a mirror, e.g. a wall in front of a mirror. The other is penetration behind a mirror. They have both merits and demerits. The reflection method does not require a special mirror. We developed this alternative version first, where a 2x4 LED-based abstract display that expresses information through the number of lightning is attached on the front wall of an ordinal mirror (see Fig. 2). However, appropriate positioning of the display was required to avoid the LED display being hidden by a user and other persons crossing behind. Adjusting hisher position to an appropriate position leads the person to feel using a system. Instead, a flexible projection system like proposed in Steerable interfaces [9] can change the location of presented information dynamically. But it requires a camera-based positioning system and large mechanical settings which are not suitable for our everyday living spaces. Also, the order of picture and text has to be reversed because of the nature of a mirror. O

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