Donald Trump's first major foreign policy address alarmed American allies Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra Nere Italia , who view the Republican front-runner's repeated invocation of an "America first" agenda as a threat to retreat from the world.

While most governments were careful not to comment publicly on a speech by a US presidential candidate, Germany's foreign minister on Thursday veered from that protocol to express concern at Trump's wording.

"I can only hope that the election campaign in the USA does not lack the perception of reality," Frank-Walter Steinmeier said.

"The world's security architecture has changed, and it is no longer based on two pillars alone. It cannot be conducted unilaterally," he said of foreign policy in a post-Cold War world.

"No American president can get round this change in the international security architecture ... 'America first' is actually no answer to that."

Carl Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister and foreign minister who served as UN envoy to the Balkans in the aftermath of the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra Bianche Italia , said Trump's speech indicated the candidate is intent upon "abandoning both democratic allies and democratic values."

"Trump had not a word against Russian aggression in Ukraine, but plenty against past US support for democracy in Egypt," Bildt said on Twitter, referring to lines from Trump's speech that -criticized Barack Obama's administration for withdrawing support for autocrat Hosni Mubarak during a 2011 uprising.

Trump's speech, uncharacteristically read out from a teleprompter, seemed aimed at showing a more serious side of the candidate Nike Air Max TN Uomo Nere Italia , who has said he intends to act more "presidential" after months of speaking mainly off the cuff.

He promised a "disciplined, deliberate and consistent foreign policy," in contrast to the "reckless, rudderless and aimless" policies of Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Trump's likely Democratic opponent if he secures the Republican nomination.

The speech included no dramatic new policy proposals that might generate headlines, such as his past calls to bar Muslims from entering the United States or to build a wall on the frontier with Mexico.

Where he was specific Nike Air Max TN Donne Bianche Italia , as he was in rejecting the terms of last year's nuclear deal with Iran, calling for more investment in missile defense in Europe and accusing the Obama administration of tepid support for Israel, he was firmly within the Republican mainstream.

Trump's major demand that more NATO allies should spend at least 2 percent of their economic output on defense has also been taken up by the Obama administration itself, and was repeatedly stressed during the president's visit to Europe last week.

Nevertheless, US-allied countries that still rely on the superpower for defense were alarmed by Trump's rhetoric, particularly the phrase "America first Nike Air Max TN Uomo Bianche Italia ," which was used in the 1930s by isolationists who sought to keep the US out of World War II.

Alimu plays with a nurse at Shanghai Children’s Hospital yesterday. — Wang Rongjiang

HAVING lived in Shanghai Children’s Hospital for two and a half years, a little girl known as Alimu has been reunited with her mother and other relatives, after they traveled from Aksu Prefecture in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Though the results of a maternity test will take 15 working days, it is almost certain that the 19-year-old woman is the girl’s mother, said the hospital.

The family returned to Xinjiang yesterday morning and said they will come back to Shanghai to take the girl home when the test results come out.

The girl’s father is also believed to be in Aksu, Ha Ni Nike Air Max TN Uomo Marina Italia , the Xinjiang woman who helped Alimu find her mother, told Shanghai Daily yesterday.

As Shanghai Daily reported last month, Alimu is the survivor of premature twins born in Putuo District. They were transferred to the children’s hospital immediately after birth, but her sister died of a serious infection, while her mother disappeared.

Alimu has been raised by medics in the hospital in a 12-square-meter sterile room.

This is because without a residence permit she cannot receive vaccinations, which should be given to all children under 6.

“All female doctors and nurses there are her mothers and sisters Uomo Nike Air Max TN Nere Rosse Italia , while the males are fathers and brothers,” said Du Yingmin, a head nurse who has been looking after Alimu since she was sent into the hospital.

Local police could not find Alimu’s mother according to the information she had left in the hospital, though they found the child’s aunt in 2013.

This left Alimu in limbo because as her relatives had been traced she could not be sent to a home or adopted.

Alimu’s situation had led to concerns from people around the city and further afield because she could go nowhere without official identity.

Ha Ni, a Xinjiang woman and wife of a Shanghai man, read Alimu’s story in newspapers and watched a related TV program in early June.

“It touched me that so many people are caring for Alimu. As an Aksu native Uomo Nike Air Max Plus Sunset Nere Blu Italia , I think I should also help her,” she told Shanghai Daily yesterday.

Looks the same

She contacted the hospital and Shanghai police for information and asked relatives and friends in Xinjiang for help.

Friends found Alimu’s maternal grandfather, a hat seller.

When he saw photos of Alimu, he was almost certain that the girl was his granddaughter as she looked almost the same as his daughter when she was a child.

Ha Ni and two friends bought railway and flight tickets for him and other relatives and came along with them.

The grandfather brought a suit of colorful Uygur clothes and hat for the girl.

After that, Alimu’s mother, who married recently nike air max plus tn ultra uomo italia , also came to the hospital.

She said she had tried to see her daughters in the hospital in Putuo, where she gave birth, but could not find them.

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