by Igor Serebryany puma rihanna creeper grå , Han Liang

MOSCOW, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- Development of bilateral ties between Russia and Israel could be described as revolutionary in the past 20 years compared with that of the cold-shoulder Soviet time, said a local Jewish community leader.

Secretary General of the Eurasian Jewish Congress Mikhail Chlenov, who participated in a Thursday meeting between Russia's Jewish community activists and visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu here, said the Israeli leader believed "a revolution" has taken place in the Russia-Israel ties in the past two decade.

The image of Israel in the eyes of common Russian people has changed positively, the expert told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.

"While in the Soviet times Israel was portrayed as an aggressor, now about half million of Russians visit the Jewish state," he said.

Tourism puma creepers velvet sort , business, sports cooperation, among others, have been developing fast, and hundreds of thousands of Israelis live and work in Russia now, Chlenov noted.

He cited closer people-to-people exchanges, common political goals in certain international affairs, rebalancing of world politics as social puma rihanna creepers dk , political and strategic reasons that lead to the "rapprochement" of the two sides.

Currently, over 1 million Russian speakers live in Israel, and the Russian community there has altered the face and landscape of Israel's politics, Chlenov noted.

Also, the two countries are both interested in peace in the Middle East. Neither Israel nor Russia are willing to see Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, he said.

Besides regional affairs, Israeli and Russian leaders currently consult each other over all major international issues.

The third factor that pulls Israel and Russia closer to each other is a certain cooling in relations between Israel and its main strategic ally, the United States puma rihanna creeper danmark , according to the expert.

Though relations between Russia and Israel are friendly enough, certain divergences remain, Chlenov noted, taking as examples different approaches of Russia and Israel toward solving the Syrian crisis and especially to the Iranian nuclear issue.

On Thursday, the Israeli prime minister said a nuclear Iran would be a threat to Israel's existence, citing the anti-Semitic and anti-Western comments made by Iranian officials as justification for his argument.

According to Netanyahu, Iran should not have nuclear weapons and the Israeli government was committed to preventing Iranians from possessing it. He also proposed to solve the Iranian nuclear issue in a similar way to that of tackling the Syrian chemical weapons.

Though making his words loud and sharp enough, the echoes from Russia was rather weak and blur puma rihanna sko , local observers said.

Russia, a key outside player and international mediator in the Iranian nuclear issue, is unlikely to change its consistent stance, which is in support of peaceful diplomatic means to end the stand-off while recognizing Teheran's right for peaceful uranium enrichment.

As for the Syrian crisis, Iran and Russia support the Syrian government, a long-time foe of Israel, Chlenov said.

"Though Israel is not involved in the Syrian conflict, it has to be on permanent alert due to the history of hostilities between the two countries puma fenty slippers danmark ," Chlenov said.

America?s Pacific North West is home to pristine natural beauty, world class attractions and delicious West Coast cuisine.

Well, we completely avoided any of that, and headed straight for Washington?s most bizarre and off beat places. To us, weird is wonderful, and we hope you think so too.

1. Self Kicking Machine: Rockport, Washington

For those who enjoy self inflicting pain, Rockport?s Self Kicking apparatus just might be your life?s calling. Just point your rear end at the four rotating boots puma basket heart suede dame , give the crank a spin, and let the punishment begin. Who knew kicking your own butt could be so much fun?

If you still haven?t had enough of a beating, turn around and give your front side a go. The women will stand up to the pain, but it will leave the men speaking an octave higher all the way home.

2. Historic Nuclear B Reactor: Hanford Nuclear Reservations Site, Washington

Nothing says romance like a visit to the world?s first nuclear reactor. You won?t be able to pick daisies for your lover here though; the ground here is so contaminated flower picking is actually illegal.

That said, a visit to the Nuclear B Reactor and its surrounding sites (9 nuclear reactors, plenty of radioactive ghost towns, and an 11 million ton nuclear waste dump) still make for a lovely radioactive afternoon. It?s too bad you?ll need an American passport to see it.

Future plans for the site include haunted Halloween tours puma basket heart patent hvid , historical re enactments and even novelty nuclear weddings. Plutonium wedding rings not included.

3. Marsh?s Free Museum: Long Beach, Washington

Along the sprawling retail strip lining Long Beach, you?ll come across this wacky gem of a museum. A 40 year fixture of the area, a journey inside reveals a truly bizarre array of antiques, including shrunken heads, an 8 legged lamb and a cast iron sausage stuffer.

The star attraction however, is the infamous Jake the Alligator man. Half man, half gator puma basket heart patent sort , you?ll shudder at the sight of this reptilian beast, petrified and preserved for your viewing pleasure.

If you want a little more of the weird, just head across the street to the world?s largest frying pan. At almost 10 feet in diameter, it?s big enough to cook up even Jake himself. Gator Man, it?s what?s for dinner.

4. Nutty Narrows Squirrel Bridge: Longview Washington

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