SHANGHAI puma the trainer rihanna uk , April 12 (Xinhua) -- Teaching with tablet PCs has been adopted in over 100 primary schools in Shanghai, according to sources at an ongoing Shanghai Education Expo on Sunday.

An open class for Grade One students from the Mingde Foreign Languages School was staged at the expo to showcase the teaching style. The English class was held without paper or a white board, but everyone got a tablet.

They were installed with software applications for Oxford English textbooks that offer users interactive activities and sound.

When a teacher asked a question, some students raised their hands but others tapped their tablet screens to give the answers.

Luo Minming said after the class that games on the tablet attracted him to learn English.

Zhao Huanhuan, the teacher in the showcase, said applications make interactive teaching easier. There is more playing and singing in class.

Publishing houses are starting to team up with software developers to come up with teaching applications.

Sources with the four-day expo said that apps have been developed covering all English and Chinese poetry textbooks from grade one to nine.

Despite the claims puma rihanna creepers white uk , parents at the expo expressed worries that tablet PC teaching would harm the eyesight of children who already spend long period sitting in front of screens at home.

By Xinhua Writer Cheng Yunjie

HANGZHOU, May 15 (Xinhua )-- Classes on the ancient Sanskrit language are being resumed for the first time in more than a decade at the Hangzhou Buddhism Institute amid a national campaign to rejuvenate traditional culture.

Yogis, artists, college and doctoral students, Buddhist are among the 120 people regularly attending the two-hour lectures, which are held twice a week and taught by Li Wei puma creepers black uk , who holds a doctorate in Indology from the University of Mainz, Germany.

Professor Konrad Meisig, Dean of the Institute of Indology of the Mainz University, said he was surprised by the number of students attending.

"Normally, my Sanskrit classes comprise of no more than twenty students each year. I was quite astonished to learn from Dr. Li that he has such a large response from Chinese students," he told Xinhua.

The Hangzhou Buddhism Institute held similar classes in 2004 puma creepers black and white , but were met with little interest.

"In 2004, we also held a Sanskrit Class for the public for free. In less than a month, students all quit. They thought the language was too difficult. This year, we selected 120 students from 380 candidates. It is the largest Sanskrit class in China," said Gang Xiao, a master with the Institute.

Meisig attributed the new interest in the world's oldest written language to Chinese people' s increasing interest in the outside world. "There is a huge amount of interest and craving for knowledge about foreign cultures in China puma creepers velvet burgundy ," he said.


Li Yimei, who travels to the classes from Shanghai with her husband Du Fu, studied yoga in India. She said she was eager to know more about the Indian culture because Yoga and Indology were inseparable.

"An excellent Yogi must thoroughly understand the way of thinking of ancient Indian philosophers," she said.

With equal passion, Du Fu said he hoped he could read Buddhism scriptures in Sanskrit to see how the belief system influenced Chinese culture.

The classes also compare interpretations of Buddhism scriptures written in both Sanskrit and ancient Chinese.

For instance, the Chinese idiom for prostration puma creepers velvet uk , a submissive pose undertaken to show reverence for buddha, Wu Ti Tou Di had long been defined in Chinese dictionaries as a salute to Buddha requiring hands, knees and head on the ground. But a comparison study of the original Sanskrit and Chinese scriptures showed whenever the word appears in the Chinese version, the corresponding Sanskrit sentence is "throwing oneself down at Buddha' s feet like a chopped-off tree" .

Wei Xiuxiu, a graduate of the China Art Academy and a Sanskrit student, said this disparity revealed the necessity and appeal of understanding Sanskrit.

"Translation is like a piece of embroidery puma rihanna creepers velvet uk , with the original version on the front and the translated one on the back. Only those who can understand both languages well can recognize the thread residues and stitches on the reverse side. Accuracy is often sacrificed in translation" , said she.

A big fan of Swami Vivekananda, an Indian Hindu monk born in 1863 famous for introducing the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the West, Wei collected a dozen Chinese books on Indian philosophies, all translated from the English version.

"Why do we have to rely on English translations to know Indian philosophies? I hope one day I can read the original works and even do the translation," said the 24-year-old.

Wei clearly remembered the first Sanskrit sentence she translated into Chinese when doing homework: There is no greater sin than greed and no greater virtue than charity.

"Although these alphabets seem so distant and are so difficult to recognize puma rihanna creepers velvet , the moment I read it out loud, I could feel the power of the ancient words," said she.

Lee Sum Khor, a doctoral student from Malaysia studying linguistics at the Zhejiang University, said the Sanskrit class was filled with a pure love of the ancient Indian language.

"Utilitarianism plays a big part when my friends consider what to study. In this Sanskrit class however, people study passionately simply because they like the language. Isn't it inspiring?" said Khor.

Qian Xinyue puma rihanna creepers blue , a fourth-grade student with the Qinglan Primary School of Hangzhou joined her parents to take the Sanskrit class twice a week. She said she loved to paint the Sanskrit alphabet "as it' s like painting a picture, but reading the words aloud is a bit boring" .


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