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You can start from Dublin with bustling streets, Killarney with majestic mountains and lakes or Galway with a diverse arts centre. Regardless of where you choose to spend your holiday, you will discover that this destination has a lot to offer, plus the luxury resorts and hotels in Ireland caters to the needs of everyone.
The Merrion Hotel will be the ideal accommodation for anyone visiting Dublin and want to experience a wonderful atmosphere while checking out the arts. This hotel can be found in four meticulously restored Georgian townhouses close to the city centre and offers travellers a chance to unwind in two amazing eighteenth century gardens; dine at enchanting restaurants such as the famous Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud as well as enjoy an impressive collection of art from the nineteenth and twentieth century.
There is also the Radisson Blue St. Helen’s Hotel in Dublin for those who want to get away from the bustling streets. This hotel offers beautiful rooms and a first-class dining experience overlooking the spectacular woodlands of St. Helen’s Estate, just minutes from top attractions in this city.
For centuries, the Southwest area of Killarney with mountains and lakes has been attracting visitors. This majestic location offers perhaps the most gorgeous hotels in Ireland. The Muckross Park Hotel and Cloisters Spa has a lot to offer history lovers with a heritage which dates back to 1789. It is located at Killarney National Park within a spectacular setting where guests can enjoy meals at two fine dining restaurants; luxurious and pampering spa treatments and 25,000 acres of Irish wilderness that is untamed. Since this hotel is situated at Kenmare Bay with placid waters guests can take part in a variety of activities such as teeing off at 18-hole golf course.
Mount Juliet Hotel can be found nestled on the lovely countryside at the Southwest section of County Kilkenny. This hotel boasts a golf course that is designed by Jack Nicklaus, fine dining, amazing accommodations and 1500 acres of secluded gardens, woodlands and walking trails.
Last but not least, the Heritage Golf and Spa Resort is one of the stunning hotels in Ireland and this can be found in Killenard, which is quaint village within the mid-lands of County Laois. This relaxing resort boasts a championship golf course along with a golf school; four delightful restaurants; spa treatments to pamper the mind, body and spirit and is just one hour from Dublin.

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