Tennis may not be as much glamorous and popular as the game of soccer and cricket but it offers equal entertainment Eric Thames Brewers Jersey , if not more than them, not only on the court but also out of it. It continues to affect the lives of millions in one way or another through various works of fiction dedicated to it. There have been some legendary tennis players who themselves inspire tennis enthusiasts and others alike, through their lives and deeds. Some of the Hollywood films which have tennis as their backdrop serve as tools for entertainment as well as awareness; and they are some of the finest cinematic expressions.

A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again, David Foster Wallace

In this humor packed collection of non-fiction writing, Wallace dissects and delves into many experiences attributed to tennis. Himself being an amateur tennis player he has included several essays of critical acclaim. Extracts from the work of tennis player Michael Joyce and an account of his own tryst with tennis while he was a student strike a chord with the readers. They offer deep insights into the game of tennis with witty sarcasm.

Tennis Legend Andre Agassi

BBC went to such extent as to describe Andre Agassi as 'perhaps the biggest worldwide star in the sport's history'. This living legend surely has much more to his personality than just the charismatic maneuver of his hands. His presence on the tennis court had the adrenalin rush through the bodies of his fans. When tennis was at the brink of anonymity, he is believed to have revived its popularity with his unorthodox apparel and attitude. He has professionally retired himself from the game but still continues to influence millions through his charitable trust Andre Agassi Charitable Association. The association is the hope of thousands of disadvantaged and underprivileged youths and children.

Woody Allen's Match Point

This exceptionally intense yet dramatic piece of work holds everyone's attention who is watching it. This thought provoking thriller is pivoted around tennis exploring morality, greed, lust, love and luck in life. It can't be called a tennis film in the truest sense but the aura it creates about tennis and the conflicting passions of the characters involved sets the film as an eye opener. It introduces tennis to those who are not related to this, or have little inclination towards the sport, in an intriguing way. Woody Allen's personal take on life is here made general with tennis as the backdrop and diverse characters.

The Prince of Tennis-a Japanese comic series

This comic series known as manga is widely popular in Japan from where it's reaching the other parts of the world in the form of translation and adaptations into other media. This is a one of its kind cult-comic series which has a protagonist named Ryomo who is a tennis prodigy. It has created a sensational rage among the kids from different parts of the world. And tennis had never been a favorite game of kids before its advent.

Tennis apart from being a sport is expanding its wings as a fitness regime. Many schools are making tennis a part of their co-curricular activities to make their students physically fit as the burden of vast syllabus is taking a toll on their health by encouraging physical inactivity. Many fitness clubs are now offering Cardio Tennis as a strict and rigorous fitness program. Many video games have been devised where you can feel the thrill of a tennis court right there in your home merely by punching on some buttons and yes, you feel victorious too if you manage to defeat the opponent. And this is what we call the tennis effect.

If you pick up a diet book or go online and look at weight loss websites, chances are a lot of what you’ll come across are low carb diets. This started over a decade ago when the Atkins diet hit the market and became an overnight sensation. These extreme anti carb diets worked for some people, but many others found that it was impossible to stick with them because they didn’t feel their best when eating this way. Your body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates.

Since carbohydrates are necessary to give your body energy, you can’t feel your best without them. What you have to watch out for with carbs is eating the “bad” ones, and eating too many of any kind. The pointers we’ll be sharing in this article will make all this clearer.

One of the things that you will find is quite common with low or no carbohydrate diets is that they seem to advocate for the consumption of lots of meat. In order to stay healthy, your body needs certain nutrients, that are contained in meats, so the diets say, and they neglect to tell you that carb foods contain the same things. The truth is that eating too much meat increases your risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and other problems. Moderation is the main force behind any healthy plan, especially when it comes to beef, chicken, seafood, or pork. Your body system will be thrown into havoc, if you continue to over-indulge. Stick to natural foods. People who are in the habit of eating fast foods and packaged foods have an especially hard time reducing the carbs in their diet. Such people tend to seek “diet” foods and these often don’t taste very good and aren’t satisfying. In fact, many diet foods will just make you want to go back to a high carb diet. Naturally made foods, on the other hand, can cure those cravings and are better for your body all around. If you want quick energy, for example, try eating some cashews or almonds rather than a diet product with an artificial sweetener that causes you to crash twenty minutes later.

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